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Chelsea Estate

The Sloane Stanley Estate is one of London’s oldest land owners. Their portfolio lies predominantly between the King’s Road and Fulham Road. Bruton Street Management are responsible for the management of the Estate’s residential long leasehold portfolio.

Estate Planning:

All historic building maintenance issues were resolved soon after our appointment and the execution of internal and external major works projects are now underway.

Bruton Street Management believe good estate management comprises forward planning and realistic budgeting. Historic building, especially, can quickly deteriorate if they are not well maintained.

Good estate management enhances property values and the well-being of residents.

Bruton Street Management compiled an estate strategy and agreed a 10-year maintenance plan for each of the residential holdings. BSM collected the finance for and successfully consulted on many major works projects to put these historic buildings into good repair for the benefit of both the leaseholders and landlord. Each Estate property has had a Planned Maintenance Program designed and implemented by Bruton Street Management.

“Every Estate property has a Planned Maintenance Programme devised and implemented by Bruton Street Management.”

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